Michael’s Genuine in Miami

At Michael’s Genuine we had a fanstastic New Year’s dinner. Our landlord had suggested the place and I will be eternally grateful.
The restaurant is placed in the so called Design District of Miami. As a copenhagener I still cannot really see how the district has earned this title as even the department store Illums Bolighus in Copenhagen contains more design. The streets are empty which gives the area a suburban feel but then suddenly there is live! The restaurant seemed to attract a lot of people and in front they have the usual valet parking.

Our last minute booking had gotten us a place at the bar from where we could follow the lively activity in the open kitchen where some amazing local produce was turned into very tasty dishes. When we left the place we were saturated both from looking and from eating.

Our waiter was quite arrogant and brutal looking, but hey, we called in at the last moment and it was New Year’s eve; he was probably stressed. For starters I had a ceviche with orange, lime and cilantro. My man had a salad of papaya, avocado and goat cheese while we had duck confit and local cobia as main course. It was delicious!

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