The city farm

Have you ever felt that you needed to go somewhere, somewhere far away, just to escape everyday live? I could go back to this place- r i g h t   n o w – and stay!

On our Christmas and New Year’s trip to NYC and Miami we arrived at the Magic City Farm after a very long and troublesome journey from Copenhagen. Snowstorm in NYC caused a cancellation of our flight and made us go to Washington and from there continue by train to NYC. My luggage did not arrive until days later and I caught a cold because of all the snow melting into huge ponds on the streets of Manhattan so you could not go anywhere without getting wet feet. Finally at the city farm, I spent the first day nailed to the bed in a fever. But: I could not imagine a better place to spend your time in bed: the air was fresh and clean, the door was open and when I occasionally opened my eyes ducks, dogs or the pig Wrinkles were passing by. The little hut was ever so charming with a tiny kitchen and bathroom.


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