Winter in Copenhagen

We had yet another long and extremely cold winter here in Copenhagen. Eventhough it is a tough time of year, the winter days with sunshine and clear skies can be quite wonderful. This year even the sea frooze and on a sunday stroll we took these pictures at Amager Strand Park overlooking the Øresund with the bridge to Sweden in the background.

To warm ourselves up again afterwards we went to this nice little place on Christianshavn called Rabes Have for Smørrebrød. When we first came in the lens of my camera fogged because the temperature change was so extreme, going from minus degrees to warm and cozy. This place really has personality and you will also meet some “personalities”. Sitting around us were both young and old and a lot of the other guests seemed to be locals who had come here for years. Smørrebrød is a hearty dish served for lunch. You have a piece of rye bread (brød) topped with cold cuts, fish, eggs or potatos. My man went for the lamb roulade while I got the egg and shrimp. Both where freshly prepared, very tasty and when in Rome… we had a beer with our lunch, of course.

Find the spots we visited on my Google map Copenhagen


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