Long weekends

Long weekends are what I love about late spring/early summer. This one I spent here in Copenhagen and it was a blast. We had fantastic weather, the city hosted the so called Distortion Festival and I had a good friend over at my house.

Pedestrians and cyclists on their way across Dronning Louise’s bridge towards festival day in the Nørrebro area

Distortion used to be a small underground festival but it has grown into one big street party which covers a different neighborhood every day for 4 days every year around Acension day. Suddenly were there used to be traffic jam people put together hundreds of chairs and tables to eat together in the street, small alleys turn into clubs and in between the partying mass there are people scurrying around to gather returnable bottles and cans which you might understand when you see the mountains they end up with. (they get about 50cent for a can, with some thousands a day this starts to make quite a good business and a huge help to the street cleaning)
I know it is poor that I do not even underline with some pictures how much fun these days are in Copenhagen but I was really occupied drinking, dancing and all that. So here are some links:

I can only recommend you to visit Copenhagen around Acension day as the weather starts to be really good and the atmosphere around town is incomparable. If you seek piece and tranquility this obviously is not the right time to come.


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