On this perfect Sunday we made a Grand Tour de Copenhagen on our bikes. The weather was phenomenal and it seemed that all copenhageners agreed that “outside and near the water” was the place to be.

The canal tour boat in the Christianshavn canal
Copenhagen has water everywhere: the habour canal, the lakes and the beach. Everywhere possible people jumped into the water- even in the dirty lakes.
There are uncountable ways of getting in and around on the water. One of my favourites is the canal tour. I go for a canal tour at least once year, mostly when I have guests and I could do it a thousand times again. You see the city from a totally different angle and you get places where you usually would not come as a pedestrian. Starting point for the tours is Nyhavn, if you go a little further to the right than most people do, you come to the Netto boats which are almost half price and the tour is just as good as the other boats.

I love to sit and dangle my feet at the Christianshavn canal and watch boats going by. Well, as you can see, there are many ways to get your self moving on the water.
We ended the day on my pink blanket in Assistens cemetery looking up at the weirdest tree.
Find all these beautiful spots on my googlemap

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