Eggs and sugar

If you like the combination of eggs and sugar, Portugal is the place to go. I love Crème brûlée and the like but Portugese desserts nearly killed that love of mine. I don’t think I will have another egg based dessert for a very long time!

I had this dessert one evening in Lisbon and I was about to send it back as it looked to me like something made from oranges which I obviously had not ordered. Well it turned out to be my dessert with beaten egg yolk and sugar that somehow had been made into something like a small pancake which is then rolled up and served with sirup. Sorry, I am no fan. It tasted sweet and sticky and the consistency was chewy. Maybe some orange zest would actually have worked some magic on this.

Slightly easier to cope with I found the famous Pastel de Nata; a small pastry with egg and cream filling sprinkled with cinnamon. Probably I did not have the right one, the best ones, which are supposed to be found at a bakery in the Belem district in Lisbon.

Pastel de nata on the left and undefined egg yolk thingy on the right. I am glad that the espresso could wash down the funky greasy feeling in my mouth.


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