Stockholm Treats

I went to Stockholm for a weekend this summer. Stockholm is one of the beautiful scandinavian capitals which lies by the water and you will be close to the water anywhere you go in the town.

Even though Stockholm, just like Copenhagen and Oslo, is in the expensive end when it comes to food prizes (and prizes in general) it is worthwhile to come here and taste the wide range of delicacies. I was mainly looking forward to the fresh fish and the kanelbullar (cinnamon swirls)!

Restaurant Kungsholmen

The sushi starter

The perfect spot for a weekend picnic: Rosendals Trädgård.
There is the beautiful garden, a green house with a café and a bakery.

I had a hearty soup for the main dish and could not just leave that poor cake alone behind in the café.

It was hard to choose just one piece of cake among all those delicious looking things. I went for the carrot cake with cream cheese icing, always a winner, and I was not disappointed. Sweds have the principle of “fika” which means something like coffee break and they seem to celebrate that all day long. All restaurants and cafés seemed to have a wide range of cakes to go with that coffee and it looked like some people even chose cake as a main dish. Well, that is reason enough to go to Sweden for me.

The apple juice was organic, as was the food. A pieceful nap under a tree after lunch and we were ready to continue the exploration of this beautiful city in the north.


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