Royal Lunch in Lisbon

After some days in Portugal I did not really feel like having codfish or swordfish or tuna or pork chops anymore. Please don’t get me wrong, Portugese food is amazing: the produce is so fresh and exiting and the simplicity with which it is presented is definitely quite nice, but… The range of dishes you can choose from in traditional restaurants is not very wide and I really needed to give my palate some provocation the day we entered Royale Café in Lisbons Chiado disctrict.
 I was not dissappointed.

An avocado salat with walnuts and blue cheese and a bagel with smoked salmon, asparagus, a mustardy dressing, topped with a poched egg. The combinations matched perfectly and we enjoyed this wonderful lunch in the back side garden of the Royale Café. Service was attentive but very relaxed. We liked it there so much that we attached coffee time right to the lunch so we also had piece of cake which was gone so fast that I did not make it to take a photo of it.


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