eating Trapani

You will love this. It is a flavour explosion, yet very very simple. The food in the Trapani area of Sicily is divine!They use the abundance of local vegetables in all thinkable combinations much of which were new to me and which are not like any of the other Italian regions I know.

Pasta alla Norma (above) is a simple pasta dish made with fried egg plant in tomato sauce and topped of with salty dried ricotta. The special variance of pasta used in Trapani are the cork screw shaped busiate. In most restaurants we were served busiate that were, if not home made, at least fresh.

Typical for this part of  Sicily is also the use of almonds and pistachio as toppings or ingredients in their sauces. The pesto trapanese consists of ripe tomatoes, almonds, garlic, a dry and salty cheese (pecorino or parmiggiano) and olive oil (naturally…). It has become one of my favourite ways to have pasta as the pesto is so quick to prepare and has so many flavours.

Trapani is known for its sea salt and the restaurant by the Museo delle Saline makes an excellent spot for a Sunday lunch trip. Here I tried pasta with shrimps topped with pistachio.

Must eat’s in Trapani and western Sicily

  • Pasta alla Norma
  • Pasta al pesto trapanese
  • Granita (slush ice with flavours like mint, pistachio, jasmine, almond or the classic lemon)
  • Caponata (an antipasto made from egg plant)

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