Restaurant RADIO

Yes, it was good!
I was very curious about the new restaurant opened in Copenhagen by chef, bakery owner, tv-chef and general food wonderchild and expert Claus Meyer who seems to be all over the place in Denmark right now. He has his tv shows, sells cook books, opens a new bakery in the centre of Copenhagen  and he has an opinion on every thinkable food question. He calls him self a gastronomic entrepreneur and together with René Redzepi he founded the world’s best restaurant noma. The influence from noma (noma stands for nordisk mad, meaning nordic food in Danish) is clearly visible in the very simple and authentic menu based on local produce at RADIO.

1.     German turnip cut in a spaghetti shape, salted salmon, cress and flakes of seaweed
2.     Meyer’s signature bread, sour dough and oh so tasty!
3.     Onion topped with onion, actually it is an onion puree and slices of red and white onion on top. The foam is made of høost- a nutty and dry Danish cheese
4.     Pork jowl with crisp Jerusalem artichoke and foam of whey 
It was not a really filling experience and wouldn’t it have been for the bread we probably would have
gone for a hot dog afterwards. But it was certainly exiting to get the variety of Danish winter produce
presented on your plate in a new and twisted form.
The service was very friendly and the sommelier was knowledgable. We decided for the wine
menu and he made some very good choices to go with the food.
I will definitly go again, but first I have to try some of the other new comers in Copenhagen- there is
always heaps of them.

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