Coffee above the roof tops – we are in (coffee) heaven

I am so happy we found this wonderful spot! The Zanzibar Coffee House Hotel was without doubt the most lovely hotel experience on our entire Tanzania trip. Ok, I must admit we also stayed at some cheaper places to compare with (we camped in the Serengeti, slept in a hut with only three walls and open towards the ocean and we stayed at an local African guesthouse for 10 USD a night for a double with electrically heated shower) but the Coffee House was just special and a real experience. Firstly the place is spotless clean and it is a haven when entering from the bustling streets in Stone Town. Secondly, the coffee!!

Their caffé machiato, lovely, isn’t it?

After travelling through Tanzania for some weeks, here for the first time we got really good coffee. Normally we were served the Tanzanian instant coffee Africaffe (Yuck). So sad when you think about that Tanzania actually produces coffee. At the Coffee House we were served coffee made with beans from the River Valley in the Southern Highlands of Tanzania. At least we were supporting local coffee production when enjoying Italian latte art… So obviously we started our stay at the hotel out with coffee and also a piece of the very tempting mudcake which showed to be delicious.

The staff is ever so friendly and they helped me to find a tailor around the corner to have a skirt made from some kitenge fabric I had bought earlier.
In the evening we enjoyed the roof top terrace with stunning views over Stone Town.

The rooms are decorated in typical Zanzibar Arabic style. We had the Espresso room which is one of the smallest and most affordable, still it is a treat!

 The view from our room and down on the small alley:

For breakfast we returned to the roof top terrace and enjoyed our choice of coffee, pancakes and waffels, bread, cakes, fruit and fresh juice. The juice was also the best we had in all Tanzania. (sometime they seem to mix in a good share of water)

If you ever go to Zanzibar you should go past this place! And please give my best to the lovely ladies in the café! I am already dreaming of going back…


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