Grocery shopping in Stone Town

In Copenhagen I am used to finding a lot of different things in the basket of my bicycle in the morning: syringes, burger and shawarma wrap paper, empty cans and bottles, cigarette butts and lately even the doggy-bag of Samosa I gave a friend who obviously did not like my cooking and dumped it the first bicycle basket that came along- mine. However, I am fortunate to say that I have not yet stumbled upon a huge, bloody, chopped up fish like the ones we saw in Stone Town, Zanzibar.

Well I suppose this was his catch of the day and the fastest way to convert it into cash was bringing it to the market on his bike.

These huge prawns were something I was really looking forward to eating in Zanzibar, unfortunately I did not find a place with any on the menu. I assume they are still an expensive delicacy and only to be found at the big exclusive hotels.

So if you want to enjoy some more refined cuisine in Zanzibar you should probably do some research before going there and maybe also plan on going to some of the exclusive places outside of Stone Town.

The vegetables and fruit all looked and smelled amazing and I wished to have had a kitchen there and do a little cooking on my own. Coming from winter in Denmark, with the only really fresh stuff being cabbage and root vegetables, the abundance of produce on a market like this was truly inspiring.

Darajani Market, Stone Town, Zanzibar.
Go there in the morning and you can witness auctioning and you can see the produce when it is fresh- this should keep your appetite in place…


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