Spiseri – an eatery in Copenhagen

At Spiseri in the Nørrebro district in Copenhagen you will have a four-course menu for around 300 dkk (around 50US$) which makes the restaurants’ price level low-ish in Copenhagen. The place is a little off the beaten tourist track which non the less should not keep you from coming in this area. Nørrebro is a diverse and colourful area with a lot of shops and restaurants frequented by the usual Copenhagen hipsters. (Wayfarer sunglasses, rolled up skinny jeans, washed out eighties shirts)
When we arrived at the restaurant I noticed that Spiseri seemed to attract guests slightly older than the average inhabitant of Nørrebro. No real hipsters here. Maybe that is due to the atmosphere which was very girlishly neat and nice and not as rough as most places in the neighbourhood. Look at this bathroom for instance:

The furniture and dishes are all collected personally according to their web site and you get the impression that a group of female feel-good bloggers (you know them: lots of cupcakes, pastels as the predominant colours and comments like “OMG that is so cute”  or “that looks simply divine” by the readers) had been on a shopping trip to the local second hand shops- all very cute. But cute is ok, feminin style is new in the Copenhagen restaurant scene.


The menu was straight forward:  four courses, two choices for each and a menu offer if you chose to go for all four courses, which we did, naturally. Ehem, being a very hungry person I have to admit that less would not have been enough for me and I was not stuffed to the point of bursting after my 4 courses, two shared bottles of wine and port wine for dessert.


All being enthusiasts of Italian cooking we found some classics on the menu that triggered our appetite and that you do not get served too often. This goes for cannelloni with cime di rapa (turnip greens which we ourselves have not yet succeded in finding in Denmark), the gnocchi with wild boar and Bollito Misto, the latter not quite living up to my co-diner’s sky high expections (“chicken in Bollito Misto!!?”)

Their gnocchi had the perfect texture: not gluey yet soft.
As you might have guessed from the description of the interior, the owners and employees at Spiseri are (mainly?) ladies. The restaurant was started by a group of women who used to work in the Italian restaurant Famo in Copenhagen (which holds a Bib Gourmand).
Come here if you are not too hungry and look for some simple and tasty food. On Sundays you can also come for an all-you-can-eat cake buffet, perfect for a baking-blogger meeting?

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