Listen up coffee lovers in Copenhagen!

So you thought you were smart walking down the street with your laaattai in one hand and the iphone in the other. This at least seems to be a classic combo in Copenhagen and most of the cities in other “developed” countries I have visited lately. Now it seems that Caffe Latte and co are about to be challenged by good old filter coffee, but of course in a more stylish way.

One of my favorite coffee places in Copenhagen is Coffee Collective. Earlier only to be found on Jægergårdsgade now they also have a stall at the Torvehallerne, our central market hall. Here you can now get your freshly ground coffee brewed in the old fashioned yet new way.

Sometimes a Latte can just be too filling and an espresso too small, so this is a great alternative and the taste is just as intense. Service and quality at Coffee Collective is always at a very high standard (and the barista is cute) so you should definitly step by them.

Find Torvehallerne on my googlemap of Copenhagen


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