Oh man! Breakfast at O’s

You know it, sometimes you just have the urge to get something really greasy and filling for breakfast. This mostly happens the morning after one or two too many beers. We actually have a decent place in Copenhagen to fulfill the need of American breakfast with eggs’n all that. O’s is placed on a corner in the beautiful Kartoffelrækker, a group of 480 houses in central-eastern Copenhagen built in the 1870-80’s for worker’s families.


Today the area is one of the most exclusive living areas in central Copenhagen.

As I said, we came here for some greasy stuff and we were not dissappointed. Our clothes smelled of bacon and undefinable grease for the rest of the day, so don’t bother to wash your hair before you come here. You can choose from combinations of pancakes, eggs (scrammbled, fried…), sausages, bacon and hash browns. There are milkshakes, burgers and unlimited refill of American filter coffee. Prices are resonable, portions gigantic and service was ok the day we were there.

If you still can eat after this orgy in animal fat and carb (you can’t!) you might want to continue directly to lunch on the other side of the road for typical Danish smørrebrød (open sandwiches) at Aamanns, a restaurant that also will open in NYC this spring.

I just went home and chilled on the sofa…


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