Big bites of The Apple

My bags are packed, I am ready! On Saturday I will be boarding a plane going directly to New York City- we will stay a week and we plan to eat our way through the Big Apple! Of course a little sightseeing and shopping can be handled as well but most of my preparation time for this trip has been focused on the food in this gigantic melting pot of cultures. People say that the pizza outside of Italy is to be found in Manhattan, the same goes for the best sushi outside of Japan and the best bistro food outside of France. Ducasse (with Benoit), Robuchon (with L’Atelier at the Four Seasons), Keller (with Per Se)- if you can make it somewhere, you have to prove that you also can make it in New York. Those three can, but there are also hundreds of other chefs trying their luck in this food metropolis. The density of Michelin restaurants on Manhattan seems decadent to me,  just consider: these are only Michelin restaurants!

(As listed on

Apart from these A-listed gourmet parlours the city also has heaps of other, more affordable restaurants, diners, deli’s and fast food stalls. Do New Yorkers do anything but eat? Well, you know that to me it is a very likable quality to have a healthy appetite, so I will be the last one to hold it against them.

My latest trip having been to third world Africa and food there being mainly something that keeps you alive, I am looking forward to experiencing this Cockaigne and witness big and well fed first world people in their natural  habitat.

This is how I prepared: Great site about restaurants in American cities

The food section in the New York Times:

One of my favourite blogs almost made me drooling all over my screen when reading his lists of favourite places.

And last but not least I downloaded this app which shows you an overview of street food around you on a map:

Ready to go? I think so!!


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