La Pizza in Copenhagen

There is this one restaurant in Copenhagen I have come to quite some times. The food is substantial, service is friendly, relaxed and fast, the location is cool and prices are more than favourable. Basically a place which I easily could have shared with you here but …it is a place I come so frequently that I each time think ” I will make a post about it next time”. You know, like you never take pictures of the stunning sun set right outside your window because it will be there the next day as well.

mother is placed in the heart of Copenhagen’s meatpacking district. From your seats in the restaurant you will be able to follow hipsters torturing their bodies with the latest fitness fashion CrossFit (carrying each other around on their shoulders, stuff like that) on the opposite side of the street and you will enjoy your pizza even more.

Well, about the pizza! I would conisider myself on the picky side when it comes to Pizza. I have spent my share of time in Italy and I confess to the Neapolitan faith of pizza making. As opposed to Napels the Roman art of pizza baking is to make a very thin crust which always leaves me kind of unsatisfied and well, yeah, hungry. By this I do not mean that I prefer the American deep pan, no way! (that does not really count as pizza anyhow) The crust of a true pizza from Napels is very thin and very crispy but that does not mean that the doughy part of the pizza ends there.

The very high temperature in the oven lets the bottom become crisp and the top charred at some spots while the inside keeps moist and a little chewy. The pizza has to be in the oven for very short time and ingredients with subtle flavours like cured ham are put on top when it comes out of the oven so their flavour is kept. This true art has found it’s way to Copenhagen, the owners of mother have heard my prayers!

You will find a well chosen variety of pizzas on the menu with classics like the royal Margherita and the Capricciosa but also those with a twist like the Porcella with porcini mushrooms and a homemade salsiccia sausage. My personal favourite is the normally classic combination of tuna and onion but at mother they soften up the onions by braising them in butter and vinegar which keeps them wonderfully juicy and flavourful.

Thank you Anne for the invite yesterday and thank you lovely folks from mother- once again I enjoyed my pizza enormously (also the one with ricotta and nutella)!

Find mother on my google map of Copenhagen

Høkerboderne 9-15
1712 Copenhagen V


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