Mixed impressions from NYC 2

Did I remember to mention in my last post that my general impression of New York was very very positive? No? Well it was! New Yorker’s are extremely friendly people and so easy going… apart from when they forbid me to take photographs inside a restaurant. So this picture from outside is what I can share with you from a really fantastic place at the end of an alley in the Bowery area. We came to Freeman’s with severe hangovers and we were reanimated by a portion of pancakes with lemon ricotta and a goat cheese salad. I will come here again for breakfast, brunch, lunch, dinner and most definetely cocktails! It all looked wonderful and I could have stayed all day.

The Spotted Pig
We succeeded in getting a table at some very popular places because we were hungry at other times than peak hours due to our shifted internal clocks. First because of the jetlag then because of late nights out. The wonderful thing about NYC is that you can get whatever you want at every time of the day, the city truly never sleeps.

It so happened that we found ourselves in this English country style gastro pub enjoying excellent down to earth food. We had a bottle of wonderfully strange American Riesling (first a little sweet then very dry) and a burger, what a mix, but it worked.

But how this could end up with a Michelin? If these are the criteria to be met give me a bagful of stars and I can scatter some around in Copenhagen. There seem to be places the critics have not visited here yet, just sayin’…But I have to admit that I have made the baby carrot/avocado/cilantro salad we got at The Spotted Pig a couple of times at home already. (Add some avocado to Heidi’s version and you have it)

The Spotted Pig
314 W. 11th Street
@ Greenwich St.
New York, NY 10014


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