Restaurant Nam Nam Copenhagen

The co-owner of Noma, Claus Meyer, has done it again: he started a new restaurant in Copenhagen and I had to visit! (looks like we were the first, right? But it got crammed quite fast.)

So when my friend from the mainland came to town I took her to Restaurant Nam Nam, Meyer’s new place serving Peranakan food. This means dishes like you would see them at hawker food stalls in Singapore stemming from the Malaysian and Indonesian kitchen. I was really intrigued by the concept!

I have never been to Singapore but I have had a Hawker app on my phone for months, just to be prepared should that day arrive. To me a hawker sounds like the perfect food invention: find a roof and put below it one expert for all your favourite dishes and let them concentrate on that specific dish in their own stall. The app has a search by dish/food category and let’s you find the best places in Singapore to eat e.g. Wonton on a map.

So now Copenhagen has put itself on the international hawker map. As we only had little time, we settled for a starter, roti with green leaves and goat cheese, and some small dishes. My soup with laksa leaves (also called vietnamese coriander) was really nice and tasty but sadly there was just so very little of it. We ended up paying more than I would expect as I was still on a point of starving but maybe that is just typically me. Presenation of the food was neither food stall nor upscale restaurant, I don’t know, somewhere in between. Judge yourselves on that black 80’s soup bowl…

I followed my friend to the train and later that evening, with a detour around my place actually, I ended up just around the corner of NamNam in a bar of the micro brewery Mikkeller. I drank my dessert here so you might do the same?! Nice beer, nice people, nice atmosphere.

Restaurant NamNam
Vesterbrogade 39
1620 Copenhagen V
+45 41919898

Mikkeller Beer Bar
Viktoriagade No. 8 B-C
1655 Copenhagen.

Please read also my review of RADIO, another of Claus Meyer’s restaurants in Copenhagen.


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