All natural – Manfreds Copenhagen

Christian F.Puglisi’s Restaurant Relæ has a little brother, he is called Manfreds & Vin and is to be found right on the opposite side of Jægersborggade.  And I have fallen in love with him!

Manfred serves hearty dishes to eat in and some also to take out. We ordered what you could call their tasting menu, basically it is just a bit of everything they have that particular day and we chose to have the wine menu as well. Good choice!
The anchovies we had to start with were an order on top of the menu but we heard they should be the world’s best and I they were at least the best I’ve ever tasted!

Celery, herb salat, nordic ceviche, a little mashed potatoes with crispy chicken skin, puffed and boiled buckwheat with a poached egg , green asparagus with fresh mint…
“Where’s the meat?!” you are thinking? I did not miss it until this point but then arrived the pork neck in garlic gravy. Wonderful!

The Tiramisù was not part of the menu either, but here is rule no.1: always try the Tiramisù! Even better when it comes with this fantastic wine.

Manfreds & Vin is a wonderful alternative to Relæ which recently got it’s first Michelin star and thus is very busy. The atmosphere here is (even) more relaxed and prices (even) lower but produce comes from the same suppliers and you can feel that the menu is created with the same love for trying something new. The wine lists contains a collection of really strange wines and this is where the “natural” part comes in: all the wines we were served were natural which means that not only the grapes should be grown organically there should not be added any sugars, sulphites or the like to the wine. To my palate the taste of these wines was new and really strange yet pleasant. And they are supposed to leave you hangover-free the next day. It worked this time but I do not know if I would challenge my luck on that one.

Manfreds & Vin
Jægersborggade 40

2200 København N

+45 3696 6593

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