Brdr.Price – Copenhagen

Do you know the Price brothers? Probably not, but be assured, almost every Dane knows them. Their parents were actors, food luminaries and, well, Danish celebities of their time. The now very adult ( forty-ish) brothers were active as screen writers and composers for musicals and tv and last but not least food critics before they embarked into the adventure of their own television show about, yes, food! “Spise med Price” literally “eat with the Prices” brought the Danish audience classic Danish and (mainly) French cuisine with a good pinch of humour (and butter). They brought back oil and butter and love for wholesome dishes.

Now the brothers have opened their own restaurant in Copenhagen. Luckily they have refrained from decorating it with their own merchandise, actually the place is very classy. I am sure you will enyoy the food and the place also without knowing James and Adam. We went for the fish dishes today. Fried sole with herbs and new potatoes and Bourride of angler.  Wonderful!

The desserts sounded so intriguing that we actually skipped starters to make sure to have room for this Mississippi Mud Pie and a Lemon tart. The chocolate pie was impossible to come through after this butter-heavy meal and the price of it was quite shocking once I thought about it (which obviously we did not before ordering): 110 Danish Kroner (approx. 16 US$)- wow! The Lemon tart was heavenly!

A great choice would have been the Sunday BBQ of Pulled Pork- well, next Sunday… Although I really imagine myself out on their terrace for a Saturday shopping-break lunch with a glass of chilly white wine.

Brdr. Price
Rosenborggade15-17 (yes, very close to the main shopping area)
1130 København K
T: 38 41 10 20

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