Bar’Vin Copenhagen

One sunny summer evening in Copenhagen… We do not have too many of those lately so when we arrived at restaurant Bar’Vin we chose to let our reserved table inside the restaurant be and take a table outside which had recently be cleared. You really have to grab any chance for outdoor dining, tomorrow it might as well be raining again. But did I mention that long summer nights up here in the north are fantastic? It seems the sun just does not want to go down.

When I heard that the restaurant Sorte Hest in Copenhagen’s Vesterbro area had closed I was really sad that I did not make it to go there. Glory days when I found out that some of the same crew (at least earlier Michelin-chef René Warn) had started Bar’Vin in the city centre. “bare vin” in Danish translating to “just wine” and with the apostrophe they seem to want to conjure up the relaxed feeling of a bar rather than that of a formal restaurant.

There is a very good wine selection but we trustingly put ourselves into the hands of the knowledable sommelier and did not regret. For starters we had tarragon and chervil topped white asparagus with a mayo-cream, to die for- especially for an asparagus fanatic like myself. This came paired with a Riesling from Alsace.

Luckily we shared this dish because the main course of Côte de Boeuf with summer vegetables wasn’t for the faint hearted. I especially liked that the waiter showed this huge piece of meat to us before he went back in the kitchen to cut it.

A pan full of fragrant and crisp Danish summer vegetables like this really makes me want to have a house and a garden. Doesn’t this simply look yummie?
We had a glass of very nice Spanish red wine to go with the main course. Another great choice.

Bar’Vin still has no web site while I am writing this (why!?), so give them a call or  just walk by if you are in the neighbourhood (you will be, it is close to the round tower) and see if there is a table. It is a great little place.

Skindergade 3
1159 Copenhagen
+45 33 12 58 03



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