Hard work in Augsburg

Sometimes I travel with work, not too often, but often enough to get a strange feeling when I arrive at the airport. It is not longer anticipation as it used to be.

Luckily I have great colleagues and we make sure to have a pleasant evening once work is done as we set out to find the treasures of the cities we visit.

Last week we were in Augsburg. “Where the h…is Augsburg” you might wonder. Augsburg is to be found way down in Germany, 60 km from Oktoberfest-capital Munich. It is one of the oldest towns in Germany and has about 260,000 inhabitants. It is a cute little place with a beautiful Christmas market and small alleys, rivers and streams giving the whole town almost an southern-European flair.

Augsburg has great food but this time we had the location as out top priority and then food was not so great. Weinbäck is situated in a little backyard with beautiful vine branches wrapped around wooden balconies and a fantastic beer garden atmosphere. There were Spätzle and typical German meat dished on the menu.

They have a good wine list of German wines and the beer went down nicely as well but when the food arrived buried beneath cheese and dark brown sauce I was suspicious. And it really did not taste freshly made and it was heavy stuff!

Maybe this little fella’ had been at Weinbäck as well and was too heavy for the rope? 

Der Weinbaeck
Spitalgasse 8
86150 Augsburg

Best for drinking…


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