Trendy Zürich

I was on a very untrendy business trip to Zurich the other day and when leaving for the airport in the afternoon  it struck me again how very trendy the area around our office is. I have only visited Zurich for business, always going directly to the hotel or the office and I never even have had the time to go and see the lake which is reportedly fantastic. Truly sad, I know. Never the less I feel that I have been lucky that our company is placed in the Hardbrücke area. Here are lots of restaurants, cafés, quirky shops and young swiss people who do not at all live up to my Heidi-on-the mountain-with-her-friends-in-leather-trousers-and-with- funny-accents-prejudices about their countrymen. (funny thing, those prejudices, they are almost never true)

I also made my duty call to the Freitag container shop which sells bags in all sizes and shapes made from truck tarps and seat belts by the Zurich based company. The shop is built inside huge ship containers placed on top of each other. You can walk up to the top most container and you will have a great view of the area. And I really get tempted to shop when walking through all the floors full of lap top sleeves, messenger bags and wallets!

This time i stumbled upon a nice beer garden right behind the container shop. Frau Gerolds Garten seems to grow flowers and vegetables in the garden and tables are scattered around the back yard. I wish I could have stayed for an after work drink!

In the last years the bicycle-friendliness of Copenhagen has been in everyone’s mouth. “The most bicycle friendly city in Europe”,  maybe even the world… One almost gets sick of hearing that by now. It is all right for biking, yes, indeed we bike a lot, all year round, everywhere… But has anyone ever told you that Copenhagen is flat as a pancake?! I suppose it would be a totally different story if we had hills here and cars weren’t so extremely expensive.

In Zurich trains and trams are really an efficient way of moving about but also the Swiss seem to have embraced the bicycle trend and they do it with a special service mindedness- that is so great.

Some years ago there also used to be an Italian restaurant in this area which I was told had the best pizza in Zurich coming from a wood fired oven. I did not have the time to look for it, does anyone know whether it is still there?

Here ended my work day in Zurich and actually I saw the lake from my window seat in the airplane!

Freitag Container Shop Zurich
Geroldstrasse 17
8005 Zurich

Frau Gerolds Garten
Geroldstrasse 23
8005 Zürich

2 thoughts on “Trendy Zürich

  1. Hi yes restaurant still exist’s it is called Rosso and is just next to gerolds Garten. You will find it, otherwise just ask anyone.

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