Nordic Summer

I am having a staycation in Denmark, just like Sandra, exept that I do some tiny side trips to Germany. (But that does not count when one originally comes from Germany, does it?)
Staying at home when all the others are on holiday can be quite depressing so I really felt revived when I came to get my bike outside the office the other day and Copenhagen looked back at me looking like this.
I really enjoy my city and from work I continued towards the bicycle bridge going from the shopping centre Fisketorvet to the area of Islands Brygge.

Here hundreds of couples have attached padlocks in all shapes and sizes to seal on their love for each other. I suppose this is inspired by the Italian teenage novel “Tre metri sopra i cielo” where a young couple does the same thing on a bridge in Rome. Our bicycle bridge may look a little too modern and less romantic than Ponte Milvio but somehow it seems more adapted to carrying padlocks, doesn’t it?

As for the German part of my summer, I went for a summer party in the little village I grew up in and once more I got the answer to why the Germans are called crauts! Even in the hot months they will serve up a good round of cabbage salad and Sauerkraut, the fermented version.

The real center of attention of this feast though was the whole roasted suckling pig that arrived in a big pan sticking out it’s nose from under the aluminium foil.

I am still no a fan of eating skin but I must admit that this beast looked delicious and believe me: it smelled divine! The meat was oh-so tender and very flavorful.

Back in Copenhagen I am looking forward to next week’s “Copenhagen Cooking” food festival when there will be food-inspired happenings all around town, check out the official web site for a detailed plan.

This year’s signature photo for the festival makes me fear the beach:

Photo by Heilmann

Summer at home is not so bad after all.


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