One day at the All-Russia Exhibition Centre VVC

What do Moscovites do on a Saturday? They all seem to grab their children and head towards a park or open space to get entertained.
We joined the crowd at the All-Russia Exhibition Centre but we actually came to see the buildings and the entire area, not to buy ice cream, jump on the trampoline or to shop medicine; entertainment stuff that all has been put up in the  area in the later years.

The VVC (Vserossiyskiy Vystavochny Centr) is an exhibition area constructed over several periods starting in 1935. The scope was to display the grandeur of the Soviet Union and its’ different regions. A pavillion for each region showed the achievements of their agricultural government. Today the pavillions still stand but lots of them are in a bad shape and between herbal medicine and porcelain dolls it can be hard to tell what each pavillion stands for; capitalism has taken over and the mixture is ever so disturbing.

On the far end we paused for some lunch and besides pink popcorn all there was to chose from was Shashlik and we ended up in an Uzbek lunch restaurant. They urged us to try their meat skewers and in the language confusion we ordered on entire skewer of meat even though we only wanted one portion. This resulted in about 700g meat and a check that made us choke. Of course the price was by weight…

Food was ok, nothing special, but by the mixed salad (on the right) I understand why expats in Moscow would get sick of dill. It truly is everywhere and in great portions!

It took us quite some time to stroll around this place and take it all in.

The statue of the worker and the kolkhoz woman in the outer area of the VVC was one of the most impressing sights in Moscow. The sculpture group is enourmous yet it was build for the 1937 world’s fair in Paris and transported there and back.


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