Saperavi – Georgian fare in Moscow

Saperavi (near Belorusskaya station)
Georgian food and cocktails

Saperavi is bright and modern, something you might not notice from the street, as it has a very short window front. Like many places in Moscow, they play lounge music we used to listen to some ten years ago in Europe, which is really strange! Saperavi has a huge drinks list and we started with a cocktail- with vodka naturally. They serve really nice Georgian food and we had some well dressed salads with typical Georgian cheese- which to me seemed a bit like haloumni, avocado, tomatoes and cilantro. Fresh and with a kick. Of course we had to try their signature khachapuri (a bread/focaccia)  with cheese and mint which was kind of chewy but tasted lovely and was very filling!

Apart from the music and the very low chairs making you hang over the table, this was probably my favorite place in Moscow.


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