DoDo Project – Moscow

Porridge! Yes, that’s what it is! And I loved it. I learned that Russians have a lot of it, mainly for breakfast. We saw it in different variations: oatmeal, with dried fruit, without and in this case millet with watermelon and mint. I think I just found a way to get through the boring winter months in Denmark. This would really light up my day and get me kick-startet!

DoDo is a concept restaurant slash bar slash deli. We came here on a Sunday morning around 11, expecting the place to be packed with hungry Moscovites enjoying themselves having an extensive brunch, but we were the only ones! Is there really no tradition for Sunday brunch in Moscow?! According to Moscow is my Oyster there is. Maybe DoDo is a tourist place?

Any cute place like this would be packed in Copenhagen on a Sunday. The food was wonderful, the service polite and knowledgable. I could have wished for some bread to go with that omlette but I it was eaten before the waiter even came back.

DoDo Project
21/2 Petrovka St., Moscow, 107031



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