Kishmish- Uzbek cuisine in Arbat

Kishmish (near Arbatskaya)

This was one of the more desperate dining decisions in Moscow, following a Lonely Planet recommendation. But you know how it is when you are hungry. The best part of this experience was to witness the change of the Novy Arbat street (above) from entering the restaurant at dusk and coming out when it was dark and the houses on the street had changed from looking like the typical Soviet concrete tower blocks to become huge shining mirror balls blinking in all kinds of colours and loud music coming from their direction. So obviously this is the place to go out these days! This is when I would like to enter a time machine and see what Novy Arbat looked like a Thursday night twenty years ago.

Kishmish is a Uzbek restaurant which serves typical dishes like plov (also known as pilaf, you know, rice with something) and meat skewers (Shashlik). As it is a chain restaurant the atmosphere is not particularly unique but the prices are good. Well then we had also tried Uzbek cuisine…

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