Cafe Pushkin – Moscow

Cafe Pushkin was our only real Russian food experience in Moscow, meaning traditional Russian fare. The waiters once again seemed to want to rush us through the dining experience, but I think this is their style of “good service”.
The menu is huge and it took us some time to look it through but the waiters did not seem to have time for that so they came several times to ask if we were ready and in the end they even made us a suggestion for what to eat if we wanted a true Russian menu. We ended up not following any of that advice, I hope we did not p… them off.

Lighting was not foodie-photography friendly in this restaurant so I only have a few semi-good shots.

We both started with a soup (the borscht above and a nettle soup with small ravioli). For main course one took pelmeni with meat the other Beef Stroganoff. We finished off with sweet pelmeni, filled with cherry and served with creme fraiche, maybe the best of all the dishes. I think I will have to try to make these at home, I like Kat’s version.

This place seems really touristy and all the rushing did not make it too pleasant but the food was nice and the location is incredibly beautiful. I felt like Anna Karenina on a date. What really is incredible are their opening hours: you can come here 24 hours! That should suit everyones’ travel itinerary.

Cafe Pushkin
near Tverskoy station


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