Restaurant Clou Copenhagen

Restaurant Clou recently opened its’ doors in Copenhagen. It is divided in a more formal restaurant area and a wine and tapas area. We had booked for the restaurant.

When I arrived my friend was waiting with a glas of Champagne (who would say no to Champagne while waiting) and so we decided to go for the whole seven course menu as well. As I usually cannot keep up with the pace of wine menues I was positively surprised to see that I could have a “half wine menu”, which did not mean a fewer number of wines but less in the glass. Perfect solution, I did not miss out on the taste and I did not have to knock back the glass before the next course came.

The small starters consisted of olive bread with dip, unripe peaches, green olives and a sea urchin bisque that almost made my friend cry of joy: ” You usually never get sea urchin in Denmark…!” The first course were scallops, apples and elderflower foam.

Probably my favorite dish this evening was the Norwegian squid stuffed with minced chicken. I have had stuffed squid in Italy recently and there the combination with garlic, bread crumbs and tomato sauce seemed unchangeable to me. But this nordic version worked very very well and the intense and dark sauce was simply sublime!

Next was codfish with fresh pasta, pears and onions on a long and square glass plate.

If one would not hold back on the manitoba bread served in the beginning (one did not! It was freaking good!) one’s trouble would start at this point in time. There was a huge piece of foie gras (and I mean HUGE) coming towards me below a glass cheese dome filled with smoke. The foie gras that appeared when the glass was lifted was lying on a bed of grilled meringue and plums, a really weired combination of flavours and I think you either hate it or love it. I havn’t really yet digested the experience to tell.

Was this the main course? Maybe yes. Duck with kumquat and mushrooms. Sublime!

To finish there was not one dessert but three: yoghurt ice cream and almonds, your new classic white chocolate, olive and liquorice combination and a layered chocolate cake with a gold plated cherry. Oh my! Next time I come here I will not eat a week in advance!

We had to walk the dinner off with a stroll but we did not get far. We sat by the harbour front of Nyhavn and enjoyed the last warm night of this year. Winter in Copenhagen: we are ready! Fattened up for hibernation!

Restaurant Clou
Borgergade 16

Update: See photos from my last visit in the Clou wine bar here.

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