Grød Copenhagen

On a Saturday stroll with the intention to buy our first Christmas presents we were magically drawn to this porridge place on Jægersborggade. Small, warm and cozy and serving only porridge or the like. “Grød”, Danish for porridge, is one of those Danish words that is impossible for foreigners to pronounce, the “d” in the end becoming something like a “I feel sick”-noise. Porridge for me also used to be something I was forced to eat as a kid when I was ill. But this was a wonderful experience.

For lunch this day they served savory versions. I chose a pumpkin risotto with parmigiano and deeply roasted pumpkin seeds. I often find risotto a bit dull but this one was warm, wholesome, creamy yet crunchy and the colour lightened up my day.

The other savory “porridge” for lunch this day was risotto based on pearl barley with sunchoke, a salty and dry Danish cheese called hay cheese and topped with thin slices of sunchoke and fresh tyme, wonderful.

Do not be fooled by the size of the bowl your Grød comes in, the portion was very filling!
I would especially come here for breakfast or lunch and I will definitely return. The store also sells porridge mixes to make your own at home and the owners recently came out with their own porridge cookbook! Check out their web shop to read more.

Grød Copenhagen

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