my favourite snack in Rome

Ever since I went to school in Rome as a teenager and had pizza bianca for lunch I have loved this simple piece of pizza bread and I faithfully come back to my favourite bakery on Campo de’ Fiori in Rome to get my hot piece of pizza bianca or rossa right out of the oven whenever I can. Make sure to put this on your itinerary next time you visit Rome.

There are always many customers and you have to fight your way through and catch the attention of the sales staff. When you then stand outside again with the pray in your hands, you almost cannot wait to go the few hundred meters to Piazza Farnese where you can sit in the shade in front of Palazzo Farnese and sink your teeth deeply into this treat.

Pizza bianca (white pizza) is simply a pizza without any topping, just cripsy dough, salt and olive oil. Rossa on the other hand is topped with tomato sauce, no onions, garlic or herbs – just tomatoes, salt  and olive oil- heavenly!

Campo de’ Fiori, Rome


4 thoughts on “my favourite snack in Rome

  1. Yes, it´s marvellous to stroll across Campo de’ Fiori , meeting place for young people, both Italian and foreign. This place is vegetable, fish and flower market in the morning and home of the bakery where you can get the world’s best pizza bianca. Probably generations of visitors have felt the ultimate kick when tasting this delicious simple piece of bread.

    Ever heard of Giordano Bruno? Here on this place on 17 February 1600, the philosopher was burned alive at the stake for heresy. The monument dedicated to him is on the exact spot of his death: he stands defiantly facing the Vatican, people say. I say and I know it, he is facing the bakery and all the clients with licking lips.

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