A day trip to Malmö

For someone from Copenhagen the Swedish city of Malmö is just around the corner: Copenhagen Central Station – Malmö Central Station 34 minutes by train.

Malmö makes for a sweet little city break, for me it is often a shopping Saturday. The city center with shops and parks is very compact and easy to walk around in and you can always find some nice stuff we do not get in Copenhagen. And it is so nice to be in a foreign country: foreign language, foreign food, different products, different habits and traditions- a quick train ride away.

Take a walk to the new area around the Turning Torso high rise. Here are cafés and great views and a wonderful Ikea-like organic supermarket that uses all their own products also in the café next door.


In Sweden you naturally have to try a  cinnamon bun, kanel bullar are a Swedish institution. You can get them everywhere – seven/eleven, cafés, supermarkets, bakeries…You can also get decent cinnamon buns in Copenhagen. The classic “Danish” in fact is a cinnamon swirl often topped with white or chocolate icing. But the Swedish variant is different. It is more bread like and does not have the icing. I definitely prefer the Swedish version. Also the Swedes often make them with cardamom instead of cinnamon which can be wonderful for a change.  All roads in the search of the best bullar in Malmö led to Katarina.

This is the best breakfast, second breakfast, brunch item or coffee cake. Speaking of coffee and cake: the Swedes actually have a word for this: fika. A tradition I easily can relate to and I love to travel the 34 minutes to indulge myself in it.


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