Looking back and ahead

Coffee above the roof tops - we are in (coffee) heaven

The Christmas break gave me some time to reminisce about some of the fantastic food and travel experiences I had during 2012 like gazing over the rooftops in Stone Town, Zanzibar


Having a wonderfully thoughtless time with a very dear friend in The Big Apple – probably for the last time in a very long time


getting a better understanding of a small piece of another world in Moscow, a place I never had on my dream itinerary before now

ai Marmi

revisiting Italy to savour known and always again appreciated delicacies

meat oh yeah

and eating my way though my home town Copenhagen.

It was a good one, dear old 2012. Thank you so much for joining me along the way!

Having had the immense joy of dining at Noma in 2012 I could assume that this experience will not be topped in 2013 but I am an optimist. Flights for Japan have been booked a couple of weeks ago and I am 100% sure that my easter trip to the far east will bring unforgettable meals.

Copenhagen is also evolving all the time and new restaurants are emerging regularly. I am thus looking forward to dining at Höst tomorrow, a new restaurant of the Cofoco chain aserving new nordic cuisine.

Restaurant Pony and formel B are also on my To-Do list for this year. But let’s see what surprises 2013 brings, I can’t wait!

All the best to you, may your dreams and plans for 2013 come true!


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