Roman pizza

ai Marmi

Roman pizza is so very different from the (original) Neapolitan pizza. Romans like theirs extremely thin and crispy, in Naples on the other hand, pizze are almost thick and very moist. In Rome you will have lots of different toppings (Baffetto used to have one with nutella) and in Naples they keep it straight: Margherita! This is a matter of belief, I love them both.

At the Pizzeria Panattoni in Trastevere you will get your pizza within minutes, if you do not order a couple of supplí al telefono before that, which I naturally would do. Supplí are fried rice balls with mozzarella inside which pulls like the cord of an old telephone when you take a bite, hence the name.


telephone cheese

They are a great little yet heavy appetizer.

The pizza is a different story. It only goes into the oven for a couple of minutes but the thin crust still sometimes comes out a little charred. That is one hell of an oven!

pizza oven


No need to be fancy in a Pizzeria: you eat with your hands and to drink with the pizza you will have a beer, just like any other Roman.

This pizzeria is one of my favourites in Rome, not because it is especially cosy (on the contrary, its’ nick name is “morgue” due to the cold light and the white marble topped tables) but because they are professionals! It is a simple joy to look at the pizzaiolos doing their job so very efficiently. One pizza after the other goes into the oven and when it comes out steaming the waiter is ready to toss some rucola on top and off it goes to the lucky customer.


doughI make sure to step by this place every time I am in Rome. I also make sure never to have their crème brûlée again, ick! Well, their focus lies elsewhere. But that is not a problem, you will most definitely come by a great gelateria in which ever direction you stroll when leaving the morgue. So just leave out the dessert!

Pizzeria Panattoni: Ai Marmi
Viale Trastevere, 53, Rome


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