One day in Naples

P1020303Do you live in a big city in Europe and are you out of capitals to visit? You have seen Buckingham Palace and fulfilled you need for fish’n chips (for the rest of your life probably).
You have been strolling along the Champs-Élysées and eaten one, two, three croissants a day during you stay. You have been wandering along the Tiber with a gelato in one hand and your lover in the other.

Then Napoli should be on top of your to-do list! What a great place for a weekend fly in and fly out or as a starting place to explore the beautiful surrounding and to go and see places like the island of Capri, the excavations of Pompei or the Amalfi coast.

I visited Napoli again last year while staying with friends in Gaeta an hour or so north from Napoli. One day, eating my way though Naples from (second) breakfast to dinner, yep, that was the quest.

Here is how we started with two southern classics: brioche and svogliatella and, of course, a truly strong espresso. The coffee in Naples is insane! Thick black velvety caffein bombs that make your stomach itch!

IMGP7203IMGP7205IMGP7204Like all places in Italy you first have a look at what they’ve got, then you pay and get your receipt and then you go and ask for your coffee and cake! Pretty please with sugar on top! In Naples the service is not often that nice, don’t let that stress you. Their life is though!

Lunch by the harbour was not so special but my main requirement was to sit by the sea and preferably see the Vesuvio in the background. Requirement fulfilled, tourists at the next table ignored.

P1020305P1020306P1020308A caprese with rucola?! But hey, the centre of this universe is the firm ball of mozzarella with its’ creamy insides.

After lunch a stroll along the lungomare to spot some sun enthusiasts and another drop of coffee before going uphill to the chic Vomero district.

IMGP7242 IMGP7256 IMGP7257

IMGP7260IMGP7259 Gay-odin? Honestly? Best ice cream in a long time though! And the shop is really cute. It is a chain, so you will definitely stumble upon one of them.

From Vomero we went back downhill and walked along the spaccanapoli alley to look at the small shops and workshops. Yep, also here: lots of food! You will probably know babà al rhum, a dessert cake drowned in a mixture of sugar and rum. It’a a real healthy choice, tastes wonderful! But I just looked!

IMGP7264Getting towards the end, let’s talk about pizza! Where when with whom? Most people say that Di Matteo is the best place but I think for us pizza philistines most Pizzas in Naples will be better than anything you ever tasted.

IMGP7268IMGP7273So pizza it was even though I wasn’t really hungry (sssh, bad Kristina, bad!)  and these fried zucchini flowers also looked tempting! “Friggitoria” what a great word: fry-eria, a place where things are getting fried. Aren’t most things better fried?

A Margherita is as simple as that: dough, tomato, mozzarella, basil: 3€!

IMGP7277IMGP7279From here it was a short run to the station, the surrounding area of which had turned to something quite scary at this time of day, and an hour later we were back in calm and serene Gaeta.

Those who remained in Naples would have to face the huge variety of goodies also the next day. I can really relate to how hard it must be to resist, just one in a while. This place is insane in so many ways!



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