5 reasons not to starve yourself in January


It’s all about salads, vegetable juices, beans and kale this month. The more ascetical the better. It seems like there is a general understanding that we want to make December and our food related sins of the holidays forgotten. But was it really that bad? I treat my self with a little forbearance this month: no reason for punishment and definetly no diet! Here’s why:

1. It just wouldn’t make sense!

All the eating has naturally gone down (a bit) since there are no big family gatherings, Christmas parties or the tempting Christmas cookies and chocolate standing around at the office. Balance is coming back on its’ own and in the end it is the healthy habits that make the difference. So, an apple a day? Yes, but also much else!


2. It’s cold outside!

Minus degrees, minus celcius! Brrrr, I am freezing all the time these days. I think we need a little extra layer to keep warm, at least so I tell myself (and now you). This is the feel good factor speaking. That evening cup of tea just tastes better with a couple of home made cantuccini.

gris3. You won’t say no to great opportunities just because it is January, would you?

Like when a friend invites you over and serves you this perfectly grilled piece of pork. Yes, it was crunchy and tasty. I am no spoil sport when it comes to a well prepared dinner, so no regrets!

P1020729 P1020730


4. You need to drink red wine!

When you have been drinking mulled wine all throughout December your taste buds and your palate need a little cleansing from all the spices and the sugar. Granité would feel like taking a dip in the sea outside my office window: way too too cold, so you must simply drink a really good red wine, trust me! It will even feel really healthy in comparison. I went to the wine bar at Restaurant Clou in January and enjoyed immensely.




5. And whether you want it or not: it’s already holiday season again!

In Denmark carnival is marked with eating (yes, of course eating!) Fastelavnsboller. There is the old fashioned version of a light sweet cardamom infused bread roll with custard cream (from Cafe Rosa in Torvehallerne) inside or the more modern version (from Lagkagehuset) with all kinds of flavoured cream that is all over the place as soon as you set your teeth into it.



Don’t think you can hide, there will always be a new temptation, also in January! So get yourself some healthy daily habits to keep all this in balance and simply enjoy.

All the best from wintery Copenhagen


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