Formel B Copenhagen

P1020770I was really looking forward to this restaurant visit, one star in the Michelin annals yet affordable: Formel B in Copenhagen has been on my to-do list for a long time and expectation were high! Some time ago the place changed strategy and now they do not serve a tasting menu but instead a variety of  smaller dishes almost of the same size at the same prize. We were recommended to have 3-4 of the starter/main dishes and 1-2 desserts, a combination that would actually bring you up in the prize range of a solid tasting menu anyway.



Always afraid of not being fed enough naturally I chose four of the salty dishes, which ended up being a little to much! No room for dessert which was bad because I really love dessert.

We first had an amuse-bouche of herring on a spoon with black salsify then salted scallops in a neon green herb salsa and with cream of jerusalem artichoke. Beautiful and delicate.


Squid with garlic and popped rice. Superb.



Langoustine and lamb, and here is where I f..d it all up. Too many warm dishes. Too much of that very green sauce. Too much food in general. This is what happens when you let me choose on my own, they should just have decided for me!
P1020799Well never exactly toooo much to help a friend finishing his macaron that came with the coffee.

Did I mention the wine? We started out with a glass of champagne and then we had some lovely natural red wine to go with the main courses (which were the main courses?). It is hard to choose one bottle to go with all these different dishes!

All in all this was a great experience, definitely fantastic cooking. But… I must say that I would have preferred a more strict menu because this big choice was not only confusing when I had to choose, it was also confusing when my co-diners were having a dish first which I chose as my number two so when it arrived for me it felt like I already knew it. Furthermore the kitchen had trouble not serving us the same “decoration vegetables” twice as they could not steer our choices and the dished were as they were. So shaved beet root and leaves of red brussels sprouts all over the place.  Next time I would go to Restaurant Geist instead!

formel b
Vesterbrogade 182, Copenhagen

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