When it’s Tea Time in Japan



Oh how I love my cake in the afternoon. If a cup of tea goes along with it, even better. I am simply not that fond of coffee (uuh, now it’s out there!) and I will always prefer a good cup of tea over coffee. So Japan is my place, also in this regard. It seems that the Japanese always can squeeze in “tea time”, and they do it so beautifully.



To me it seems arbitrary during what time of the day you eat what in Japan. Fish, rice and miso in the morning, the same in the evening, so I could always make a cake fit in the schedule.

These Japanese sweets filled with some kind of bean curd inside seem like an acquired taste to me- I never really have understood them. But at least they are not overly sweet and they never taste artificial.



P1030160P1030204But even if you do not feel like green tea and bean sweets you will find something to satisfy your sweet tooth and quench your 5 o’clock thirst. One of my favourites is what they call “Royal Milk Tea”, an English black tea with warm milk. And who would say no to a carrot cake?


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