Dumpling feast – China Town Yokohama



It is never too late to have a serving of dumplings, so this family seemed to think and by this credo we headed right to  China Town when we arrived in Yokohama one evening.

China Town is packed with restaurants, in fact that seems to be the only attraction there. So it was hard to choose one. Go into a side street and take a place that has a queue outside, that worked for us.

P1030157 P1030158

I was magically drawn towards this restaurant because of the two ladies standing in an open kitchen preparing fresh dumplings. It was fascinating to watch one of them cutting dough in pieces and the other stuffing each piece of dough with the meat mixture, closing the dough around it in her hand and finally giving it a soft squeeze like holding a hamster and trying not to let it slip away.


When we got our table after some ten minutes of waiting we were equipped with a Japanese menu only and we thus ended up ordering by pointing. Pointing towards the other table for this chicken and cashew nut dish and pointing to the wall for a choice of dumpling that was presented on a poster there. IMG_0285

IMG_0287IMG_0289P1030156Did we overestimate how many hamster-sized dumplings one person actually can eat? Yeah, maybe a little. We had thirty dumplings, steamed and grilled, and we were and the verge of exploding when we finally left the restaurant. But it was worth it- what a joy! And prices were more than reasonable.

Somewhere in China Town
(follow the queues)


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