Why everyone should have a cottage in Sweden


You want a house in the fairytale woods of Småland because a red and white cottage makes you happy when you look at it.

If that is not enough you can make sweet, light and utterly wonderful Swedish cinnamon buns (kanelbullar) like Morten makes them. Always a winner. Now you are happy happy.


Or you can make delicious open faced salmon sandwiches (laxmacka)  like Jacob makes them. Truly satisfying.


Your bike from the city will feel like a foal on grass for the first time. Cycling around here is just wonderful. Big smile.


You are not alone out there. Central Sweden is moose territory but they are shy. So if you, unlike me, are patient you might see them live. Zen moment.


On your way back to Denmark you can stop, not lock your bike because you trust, and have  a nice fika (coffee and cake) to give you strength to cycle the remaining kilometers. Still happy but a bit tired by now.


So what do you say? Still want a cottage in Sweden? Heck yes!


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