You know what is funny about Japan?!


The have “women only” carriages on their subways


They have what I would call a “Sushi Mc Donalds” family restaurant chain


They are busy people but stand in line. They are patient and polite


They have really small bikes! I mean it, it’s not just my behind that is big in this picture!


This is maybe more funny about us: do we ever get to eat the real wasabi or do we eat horseradish with green food colouring?


The Japanese have trust: “Nobody is going to just cut the strap of my backpack here in central Tokyo!”


They do not only make delicious food, they also make delicious looking plastic food


Their drug stores are insane: crazy colours, lightening and people with microphones trying to sell more


They are just as fascinated by the cherry blossoms as we are. And every year again!


They have special slippers for every occasion: toilet, house, temple, what not?!


Lots of them have the same shape of legs

imgp8284They suffer crisis and rebuild. They are proud as lions and they have a reason to be!

I love Japan!


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