Reinstoff – Berlin

P1030271 P1030272

Restaurant Reinstoff in Berlin holds two Michelin stars. In a city where I usually eat Döner and brunch that extends well into the afternoon this was a definite first. My expectations were equally high.  We chose to go for their short menu that should have the “local touch”, both menus would start with a round of amuse bouche, nothing memorable.


First starter: herring on smørrebrød. Is Danish “local” in Berlin? Judging by the hordes of Danish tourists flocking to the city, one might assume, yes. But ok, it was served on a piece of fluffy white bread instead of the normal rye, that is definitely a local touch.

P1030282Kohlrabi with veeeeery veery little bottarga of black sole. Did I mention there was only very little of the dried fish eggs? Hardly recognizable.

P1030286 P1030287

Bambi gone ballistic in the berry bed.
Pizza with pineapple, just don’t!  Perfectly fine venison in a pile of berry compote – help!


Very classic and subtle taste combination of sea trout with zucchini, nice touch being the crispy skin on top.


Eucalyptus “tooth paste” and gin. Geeeeze!

P1030292 P1030294 P1030295One, t(w)oo many semolina desserts. Yes, semolina pudding sure is a German classic. Let’s go all the way

P1030305 P1030307And amuse bouching it again at the end.

P1030311 P1030314

Are you feeling a little hostility coming towards you through the screen? It is not my intention to trash talk but this is how it felt. We had a great night, I am not going to complain but Reinstoff is one of these places that surprises me. How did that second star get there? The food was impeccable but no surprises or inspiration. Presentation was repetitive and the sommelier could not suggest what really suited our food because he had never tasted the menu himself – “we are not a big hotel, so there is no money for that”. (!!!???)

But what really gets to me is the stiffness of this place. The other guests were almost whispering which resulted in me noticing that they were playing some pling-pling-la-la lounge music from the last decade. The service and and the sommelier were equally stiff choosing an over the top polite language that makes the Dane in me want to start laughing.

I regret not having changed our reservation to Glass when I read this review. I think I am too young for place like Reinstoff. There: now I sad it, 31 feels great! And wait up, my next posts will be about quirky, playful, laissez-faire Spain and the treats I had there on my latest trip. Olé!

Edison Höfe Berlin


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