Bardenas Reales – Peace and Quiet in the Desert


In the dry and somewhat desolate Navarra region of Northern Spain I found a spot much more relaxing than any beach side resort I could imagine.

The silence! All you can hear in the Bardenas Reales National Park is the sound of the wind in the high grass. The park makes you feel like being in a Western movie. Canyons, dry roads, mercilessly burning sun.

P1030452 P1030448


You kind of expect a guy with a big Mexican hat coming around the corner of that ruin, don’t you? Well, there was none…

The area is not bigger than what can be seen in a day by car or bike. We were late in making arrangements so the bike shop was already closed and we just drove though the area with our rental car. Without four wheel drive you are restricted to some main roads but we still got quite a good picture of the area.

Just as much as I was looking forward to seeing the National Park, I was exited to go to the hotel I had found out there in the dessert. This was our special treat during the holiday.


The Hotel Aire de Bardenas is placed just on the border to the National Park and the scenery is simply stunning. Small cubic houses are scattered around on the pebbled grounds, on some of the sides fenced in with cubes of what looks like enormous wooden fruit packing boxes. Our suite had a patio with a lemon tree and our own external bath tub. Apart from the many flies the perfect place to relax. But no Mexicans here either.  They remain a desert mirage. In my head.


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