Amass – the alumni strike back


The noma kitchens attract chefs from all over the world for a learning and hard work experience. Not even the wind and the cold weather scares these guys and girls away and they stay in Copenhagen even when they decide to go on, leave noma and start their own place.


So Matt Orlando, former head chef at noma, has started his own place in Copenhagen. He wants people to  amass in this big open factory hall with graffiti on the walls and huge windows overlooking the Copenhagen skyline. I was lucky to be number 5 in a party of four when all they had was a table for five. Great company!P1030547

A wonderful night with four guys just as exited to be here as I was, and just as exited about food in general. Of course we decided for the tasting menu and the wine menu. P1030551 P1030553

Mackerel that did not exite us too much. Oat crackers with grated frozen foie gras. Bonkers delicious.

P1030559 P1030562 P1030564

Poached egg, natural wine, chefs with tattoos who come and serve your food. That is the new black in Copenhagen restaurant business. Amass being no exception to that.

P1030566 P1030567

Lamb, cucumbers and red gooseberries. P1030569

My favorite. Not too sweet ice cream, black berries, honey and crispy bread crumbs.P1030572

Dang expensive tea and oh so stunning view.P1030573

Amass is a bit far out for the walking tourist but you should not be walking in Copenhagen anyhow. Get a bike and you will find it 10 minutes from the center. The location is nothing but fantastic. 

The aftertaste of Amass is crisp, clean and fresh. If you look for a little more hearty in the same price range go for Geist. We all agreed that we were lacking some value for money – “poached”, “fermented” and “picked from our garden” just not being enough for making this a great dining experience. But they are new in the market, I will definitely go again to see what’s cooking now.

Refshalevej 153

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