Wine tasting at BROR


The Copenhagen Cooking festival is the time to visit Copenhagen if you are a foodie! The whole city is bustling with food fairs, pop-up restaurants and various food themed happenings. This August my friend and I visited the newly opened restaurant BROR for a wine tasting during the festival. We were placed at a table with three other food enthusiasts and we all had a wonderful time. Here are some shots of our menu starting with crispy pig’s ears.
P1030594Take the bull by the balls… literally! Fried balls. Taste like anything else deep fried. Consistency a bit like sweetbread.
P1030596 P1030597

Looks like a pile of scraps and some of it was, but despite the scary look of it, this wolffish dish was incredible. We all couldn’t wait to dig our forks into it and hunt for the good pieces. P1030599 P1030603Fermented kohlrabi, hazelnuts and more wine.


A merry get-together. You should do this again BROR!P1030608Bisque of crabs.

P1030610Yet another scary dish. Luckily they went back to the kitchen with this lamb head and “just” served us the brain, the eyes and the cheeks.

P1030612 P1030616Let’s have some more wine.


Eyeballs with mushroom pesto. Don’t think about it, just pop them into your mouth. Pop… ? Wrong choice of words when talking about eyes?P1030619The meat of the lamb cheeks with a crunchy salad and creme fraîche to wrap in pancakes.

P1030625 P1030626 P1030627To finish off a heavenly summer dessert that looks like a Danish classic: berries and whipped cream but here it is buckwheat cream. Simply fantastic!

The wine tasting was arranged by the sommelier of BROR and by the owner of the wine store SKÅL. They were battling for the best pairing, so for every dish we had two glasses of wine, all of them natural wines. They also supported their choices with an explanation and I learned a lot about natural wine in general.

Wonder what BROR will serve next time I go!?

If you ever need some passionate caterers in Copenhagen you should contact they guys we were sharing our table with, Det Gode Selskab. They were the best!

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