Kullaberg- Escaping Copenhagen

2013-11-24-09-10-43I love my chosen hometown Copenhagen, I really do! But sometimes it just gets at me. About this time of year it starts getting a little grey and sad. But maybe that is just me not accepting that now things are happening inside! Make those theater ticket booking, have a look in the calendar and plan friends from other cities visiting you. Winter just always comes to fast for my taste…

So we went to Sweden, just on the other side of the Baltic Sea, for some walking in the National Park of Kullaberg. Kullagårdens Wärtshus seemed like the right choice as a start out point.

But on the way we stopped at Höganäs Saluhal for some fika, coffee and cake. I made it a cardamom swirl and tea. This is probably the best thing about Sweden!

IMG_0938 IMG_0942 IMG_0944 IMG_0941IMG_0945

Höganäs Saluhal is a deli, restaurant, shop and café inside an old porcelain factory. Everything has been renovated so tastefully and I could have spent hours here!

So…It was almost dark when we came to the hotel and we just did a quick and easy hike up to the lighthouse.  We had an ok-ish dinner at the hotel (impeccable service though! They are so sweet!) and then relaxed in the common room by the fireplace  with a bottle of wine and in the company of some stuffed animals from times gone by.

IMGP8909Yep, actually some knitting was done here!


The next day we woke to a stunning view over the choppy sea and after some breakfast we quickly packed our stuff and drove back to the sweet town of Mölle from where we started hiking to the lighthouse and back to get the most out of the November sunshine.

The hike is easy but I had to test my new boots.


IMG_0960 IMG_0970 IMG_0971IMG_0976

Well signposted tracks lead you through the changing landscape from hills to cliffs and caves. In the summer this must be the perfect place to take a dip. Maps can be found several places during the hike. The visitor centre by the light house has good information, a nice little exhibition, coffee and also here’s a fireplace. I love it!

During the whole walk we could follow a fisherman in a small boat working with some fishing nets in the water below us. When we walked to the harbour in Mölle he arrived just then. Curious about what he might carry I went down to see him bring in eel and some beautiful big crabs. Wow, I wish we could have had these at the hotel the night before.

IMGP8940 IMGP8953 IMGP8955Mölle is like something taken directly out of one of  Astrid Lindgren’s books about Lotta living on Troublemaker Street. Small alleys, colourful and askew houses, pretty gardens.

IMG_0983 IMG_0986I definitely want to go back to this place. Next time maybe with lunch or dinner at the Grand Hotel in Mölle?

Of course we had to make fika on our way home as well. This time we stopped at Krapperups Kaffestuga.


Warm apple crumble with whipped cream.
IMG_0988IMGP8961 IMGP8964 copySo, go to Sweden, cuddle up, have some cake and coffee and embrace winter!

Love to you all!


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