Restaurant STUDIO Copenhagen


Claus Meyer did it again. He opened a restaurant. In Copenhagen. Serving nordic food. Well. actually it’s three restaurants. And they are in a really good spot close to the old harbour, Nyhavn. On the opposite site of noma. But restaurants in this building did not use to live very long. It’s a little off the beaten track yet still in the city centre. But Claus Meyer who has his fingers in this and that just cannot stand still. So he opened The Standard housing a modern Indian restaurant, a classic Danish restaurant and a New Nordic gourmet restaurant: Studio.




We, as in the laaaydies, went to Studio. And what a night! We were started off with a round of amuse-bouches. Crisp artichoke leafs with dip, different bread servings, thin slices of reindeer heart, leeks. Beautiful!


Scallops with fresh juniper berries and snow infused with pine needles.
From our bar seat we could watch and photograph the kitchen and the other way around:


P1030682The bar seats. Perfect for the curious amongst us.

P1030684 P1030685A Danish classic “Brændende kærlighed” (“Burning love”) re-invented: what used to be mashed potatoes, bacon and crisp onion now is foam of potato cream, one poached oyster in the bottom, onion rings and beach greens.
P1030690 P1030691P1030695 P1030698Tasteful. Sinful. Don’t think about the animal that’s got the food stuffed in it’s throat. Say again six times. Then it really tastes divine! Beetroot blood is what’s left.
P1030701 P1030702 P1030703 P1030704No, this time it’s not an eyeball! It a jerusalem artichoke! And hare fillet. Wonderful!
P1030705 P1030706 P1030707Our very French waiter’s pinkie. Sea buckthorn and carrot sorbet, white chocolate. Creamy deliciousness. No fan of the whole carrot pieces though. Reminded me of the jellied carrot dessert I had in Russia. No good memory.

All in all we this was a wonderful experience. The influence from chef Torsten Vildgaard’s time at noma‘s test kitchen is definitely detectable. I loved it. (No, they didn’t pay my bill to make me say all this- I wish!)
Make your bookings on The Standard‘s homepage, it’s not to hard to get a seat.

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