When a truffle dog travels – Best Eats 2013

2013 I had plenty of great trips in my calendar: Japan, Spain, Sweden, Germany. I have been so lucky! Here are some of the best food experiences I made this year. Hopefully they can be of inspiration for your 2014 travel planning!


Hida beef to be grilled on a magnolia leaf at the Oyado Yoshinoya Ryokan of the sweetest host couple in Takayama.

P1030358Deep fried oregano at Mugaritz near San Sebastian. Tangy, crisp, fresh. Makes you crave for more!


And the best chocolate dessert from now on and to eternity. Can. Not. Be. Topped. Exclamation Point!  (also MugaritzP1030597Not brothers but best friends at BROR sharing fish. Most daring presentation. Great taste.


Only true friends will write dirty words in your food. Taste is the same but evening gets much more fun. Also the scallops at Studio were high-fived between us and the chef.

P1030677Sweden is always worth coming if you have a sweet tooth. Candy is ridiculously cheap (for Danes at least) and they sure know how to bake sweet stuff as well. Kardamomme Bullar at Höganas Saluhal.IMG_0941

I will not need to try lambs eyes again (BROR) or eat anything from a tooth brush (Reinstoff). But it was worth trying.P1030618P1030292Well 2013, it was nice knowing you. I am looking forward to seeing what 2014 will bring! Happy New Year everyone and thank you so much for following!!


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